What's Your Sign?  | Ep. 8

Explicit What's Your Sign? | Ep. 8

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Jordan Brand Donation(5:30)
A.P Kneeling(11:00)
Minorities in the NFL(18:00)
Money Motivation(25:30)
Flicks Sleeper"Kendrick Lamar- Cut you off"(29:30)
Pop Culture "YK Osiris fight, Pornhub Hoax, Reebok cuts ties with crossfire"(33:00)
College Football" Racism in CFB, Punter gets Eligibility back, FAMU leaves MEAC(48:00)
Juice Sleeper " Freddie Gibbs- Baby Shit'( 1:05:00)
High School Football" Mickey Williams, Alemany Qb transfers, Black H.C in ... See More

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